DLABMED is a private medical center in Bologna born with the ambitious goal of revolutionizing the musculoskeletal diagnostic method. Founded in 2015, it represents a point of reference for radiological diagnostics and for the treatment of osteo-musculo-articular pathologies thanks to the initial idea of ​​the partners to disseminate and promote magnetic resonance in dynamics and orthostatism in the world. The diagnostic innovation developed by the medical center in Bologna concerns the use of an ‘open’ magnetic resonance: the method, validated by the national and international scientific community, represents a turning point with respect to the static image of traditional magnetic resonances and allows diagnosis more and more precise of the osteo-musculo-articular pathologies. Three years after his birth Dlabmed grows and develops with great rapidity, maintaining its vocation linked to innovation and research, thanks also to the creation of Dlabmed School, a training school designed to disseminate and train doctors and Tomorrow’s radiologist technicians. Today DLABMED is able to offer, together with diagnostic imaging services, specialist medical visits and an area reserved for physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Dr. Vittoria Lauro, Health Director